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I recently changed my hosting to A2, and I took the opportunity to make some changes to As usual, I bit off more than I can chew, and a number of things still need to be fixed. The problems I know about include:

  •  Site doesn’t work in Internet Explorer. What a surprise. I’ll fix it, but you should upgrade to a better browser.
  • Some posts have strange formatting. Some of the special characters got garbled during the move. I fixed most of the front page, but some of the older posts are still messed up.
  • I haven’t finished editing the new theme. I’m using a slightly modified version of Grid Focus by Derek Punsalan. I like the theme, but I still need to tweak the column widths and fix the header. 

If something else seems massively broken, let me know. The points above will improve as I get to them. 

2 thoughts on “New Site

  1. Actually, I switched to IE just to check, and your website seems to be working just fine.

    Also, I really like the new layout. It’s very clean.

  2. The site appears to work fine in IE 7, but it’s still broken in IE 6. I don’t think anyone that reads this site still uses IE 6, so it’s a bit less of a priority.

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