There was a fire in the parking lot right outside my office today. They were grilling for some sort of catered event in Duffield Hall, and the whole thing sort of went up in flames. The flames were maybe twice as big as in the photo above, and it was fortunate that there wasn’t anywhere for it to spread.

Luckily nobody was hurt, and the Ithaca fire department showed up in force. There were some gas tanks from the grilling that started to catch fire, and I think there was some concern that they might explode. The firefighters hosed them down for at least 20 minutes to cool them off.

Firefighters at Cornell

I didn’t get so much work done this afternoon, but it was certainly quite a spectacle.

One thought on “Fire

  1. Yikes. I saw the title and thought, “Oh, they have a fireplace. Something to help keep warm.” Then read for the real story.

    Glad you’re safe. Stay warm. Good luck finishing finals.

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